Ewing-Dyess Railroad and Civil ENGINEERING

Core Services

Ewing-Dyess Engineering offers consulting services in Railroad, Construction, Civil, and Environmental Engineering.  Please contact us for more information!



Metal Fabrication - USA

EDE is currently involved with several metal fabricators  undergoing changes to their rail systems in the US

Automotive Prospects - AL, GA, SC, and LA

EDE evaluates sites for automotive projects in the US and has provided concepts and feasibility studies for industrial automotive projects

Structural Design

EDE offers commercial and residential structural design services and is lead structural design firm for 3 clients in the southeast

Regional Industries

EDE has over 47 years of combined railroad, structural, industrial, agricultural, and economic experience to offer.  We currently have 5 major industrial clients expanding over $342 million into the economy over the next year.

Warehouse Port Distribution

 A mainstay of EDE clientele includes various warehousing and distribution clients who are constantly looking at current and future offerings at inland and coastal ports.  EDE is currently designing two alignments in port facilities in GA and SC.   

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